Transparency & Accountability:

  • ​Work to promote accountability and provide citizens with necessary information regarding what their government is doing
  • Disclose appropriate information quickly to the public in multiple forms (email, newspaper, online postings, flyers, etc.) and in multiple languages (English and Spanish)
  • Promote public engagement through creating more opportunities for public participation in policymaking decisions
  • ​Hold all elected officials accountable for their actions through an updated Ethics code that deals with Anti-Pay-to-Play Ordinances and the legal use of donations and/or funds to elected council members

Creating Jobs and Economic Development:

  • Support the continued redevelopment of the former Bethlehem Steel property
  • Encourage the economic development department to leverage CRIZ benefits in such a way so that more local workers are hired at a living wage
  • Strengthen partnerships with Community Action of the Lehigh Valley to bring more small businesses to Bethlehem
  • Push for more signs along the city's main roads to direct traffic to businesses and other attractions
  • Continue to partner with Northampton Community College to bring higher wage jobs to underemployed residents who live in Bethlehem

Olga's Vision 

Preserve Parks & Recreation:

  • ​Work to preserve remaining open space in the city
  • Support completing the South Bethlehem Greenway
  • Support completing the Bethlehem SkatePlaza
  • Support conversion of Saucon Park and West Side Park Pools to splash parks if it is not financially feasible to reopen them
  • Look for economic ways to expand opportunities for youth recreation

The Voice of the People​

Olga Negrón 

Olga's Six Point Plan 

Fiscal Responsibility:

  • Work with the Mayor and other members of City Council to ensure that city government operates effectively and efficiently
  • Sustain budgeting strategies that reduce the city's long-term debt
  • Work with our state legislative delegation to push for a long overdue increase in phone taxes and fees that fund 911 emergency dispatch centers and could help reduce the burden on city homeowners 
  • Lobby tax exempt entities such as Lehigh University, Moravian College and Lehigh Valley Hospital to contribute a payment in lieu of taxes
  • ​Ensure that real estate taxes are collected in a timely fashion from all of the City's stakeholders

“We need to make sure that the new development that comes to Bethlehem through the CRIZ is the right kind of development for the city. We need to see to it that our new employers pay family-sustaining wages. At the same time, we need to make sure that new development does not create too much density or diminish from the character of our neighborhoods. I have served this community for the last 18 years. My life experiences have provided me with the ability to be a voice for all the people. As the city moves forward, I want to stand up for the community. I’m about representing. It’s what I have proven I can do.”

Maintain Bethlehem's High Quality of Life:

  • ​​​Protect Bethlehem's residential neighborhoods from overdevelopment and overcrowding
  • Work to ensure that there is enough workforce affordable housing in Bethlehem as new development projects emerge
  • Support for city boards and organizations that protect the city's architectural treasures
  • Support for a zoned garbage collection system that allows private haulers to continue to pick up residential refuse
  • Support for the continued redevelopment of the BethWorks arts and entertainment area, including the vacant Steel General Office Building

Improve Public Safety:

  • Support for community policing practices including walking beats, bicycle police and mounted police
  • ​Push for continued council financial support for neighborhood substations
  • Ensure that city police and firefighters have all the equipment they need to keep residents and themselves safe
  • Support efforts to deploy more security cameras to aid police in apprehending suspects
  • ​Advocate programs that take guns off of the streets